Cowan & Co. the Hair Studio at Downtown | 216 W. Washington St. Glasgow, KY. 42141270.651.5056

Dynamic Duo, Caleb & Amanda Cowan, co-own the ultra-posh Cowan & Co. The Hair Studio at Downtown tucked away in Glasgow's Historic Downtown. The Cowan’s lead a high-energy, fashion-forward team to offer the most innovative, must-have hair and beauty treatments inside their exclusive 1,500 sq. ft. Studio. The Cowan's signature taste of timeless, modern elegance has made them the go-to couple for some of the country's most discerning ladies and gentlemen.


Both, Amanda and Caleb are passionate about every aspect behind the chair to which their visions take them in different directions. Caleb, originally from Clay KY, looks at every structure as an angle for cutting, while, Amanda, originally from Glasgow KY, sees everything from an artist’s view to which every canvas needs a color. Cowan and Cowan create individual masterpieces with every client and each client is able to receive both hairdresser’s well-crafted talents.


The Cowans each have studied separately and together extensively at Bumble & bumble University in NYC learning the latest and most recent techniques there is to offer. Since 2011, Caleb has become an educator for Bumble & bumble Hair Care and Amanda has studied Business Management exclusively with Bumble & bumble.





Experienced, talented, and dedicated is just a few words to describe Amanda Cowan. Natural skill combined with supreme attention to detail, and an underlying commitment to listen to her clients' desires is what fuels Amanda’s mastery of her profession. She is committed to hard work, continued advanced education and being the best at what she does. Amanda is a highly educated colorist. Her knowledge and experience allows her to create personalized looks, showcasing your best features. But, what really defines Amanda, is the person she is. She is humble, honest, and charismatic. She makes clients feel comfortable, is approachable, and really connects with each person. She genuinely loves her clients and the history she has with each one of them. Building a relationship with them is just as important as learning the demands and needs of their hair. She finds inspiration and beauty in each one, and is truly honored to be their stylist.



Caleb Cowan infuses passion, artistry and technical expertise into all of his work, whether it’s doing hair behind the chair, on-set with a photographer or teaching a class for Bumble and bumble. Cowan comes from a long line of hairdressers, following in their footsteps, he tries to inspire the younger generation to look to the forefathers of the industry to create their pathway.

 His work includes but is not limited to photo shoots with editorial work for blogs and magazines, creating high fashion styles and keeping up with the most elite ladies and gentlemen. Most recently, Cowan became a network educator for Bumble and bumble and has worked directly with industry innovators to share his own expertise as an educator.

 When he’s not on the road, Cowan sees clients at his own salon, Cowan&Co The Hair Studio at Downtown, located in Glasgow, KY.